Additional *500$* rewards (per share) in Band protocol coin every block minted for every delegator. Delegator has to delegate for min. 2 epochs to get additional rewards.
Rewards are shared between all delegators, depends on their % of share. To be fair my private address with over 329k ADA is not taken into account when distributing rewards. Additional rewards comes from our Band protocol POS validator. In example below, when block minted, new delegator with 10k ADA(~8,68%of all shares) gets additional 43,4USD in Band coin.

centered image

Every delegator should send band native address to my email address (Binance has native token support, on ledger you should install cosmos app and connect to to get new address). If you don’t send me your Band address, tokens cound not be distributed to You. You can do with additional tokens what You want – stake, sell to usd or other coins like Ada. Band protocol as a main Chainlink competitor can be priced high in the future.